HTTP Analyzer 7.6
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HTTP Analyzer 7.6

A handy tool that allows you to monitor, debug and analyze HTTP/HTTPS traffic
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HTTP Analyzer is a small yet very powerful application that shows you a lot of information about network packets generated by your computer. This program shows you header and contents of HTTP packets, including cookies, query strings, and other data extracted from each packet, and statistics about the transport of packets. The purpose of this application is to analyse the traffic of a web site so you can optimize it for better performance (by watching how fast a file is downloaded and how fast a script has responded). Additionally, the program can be used for raw debugging of web sites, showing errors in their source codes. In short, it is an HTTP diagnostics tool combined with a sniffer.

The number of functions of this application is large, and the amount of detailed information is great. But even with this amount of information, this program can be used by any user that knows something about the principles of Internet communications and HTTP scripting. A detailed explanation of the errors that occurred during the transfer can be viewed in the program for any network packet, and if a problem occurs, that network packet is marked, which is good for debugging. You can see the detailed information about an error by hovering the mouse over the " ! " tab, so the information is easily accessible.

The program’s interface is divided in two parts: a graphical, more intuitive part; and a verbose part at the bottom, divided into several tabs. In the graphical part, you can see the list of network packets updated in real time. Another great feature in this program is that you can apply filters, and if you are looking for a specific network packet or type of data (java, text, HTML), or a specific result (successful, redirection, client error, etc.), you can choose from 16 predefined rules or you can create a custom filtering rule.

HTTP Analyzer is a very good application to use if you are a site author. The amount of information is great, and the application itself is very easy to use.

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Daniel Sarbu
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  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive placing of buttons
  • Detailed information
  • Many filtering and viewing functions


  • Requires HTML coding knowledge


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